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About T.M.S. Engineering

T.M.S. Engineering Co. Ltd. was established in 1992 with the primary focus to provide the most-up-to-date instrumentations and solutions for roadworks. Our products are ranged from the weighing station for freight carrier and traffic data collection system to steel compact bridge for areas without accessibility.

Development and Standards

With the utmost priority to customer satisfaction, we consistently update and develop our products under most effective engineering standards, to ensure all of our offerings to be of the best quality on market (e.g., OIML)

Pre-Construction Design

The most suitable systems will be installed on each unique project, designed by the specialist.

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Design & Construction

Projects are in the hand of the expert. We dedicate all resources to meet the most practical design and accurate calculation for economical, safety, law-enforcing matter.

On-Site Consultations

Contact us anytime. We are more than pleased to survey the site with you to create a new project.


Delivering Projects

Satisfied customers are our support and compensation. We have served both government and private sector with on-time delivery meeting international-recognition standard.


Our Quality Guarantee

Additionally, our products are installed and serviced by experts in the field that we have partnered with for the past 30 years, and our skilled engineers and technicians who are regularly trained on the yearly basis.



To ensure T.M.S.’s commitment of commercial transparency to our customers, business partners, suppliers and other contacts, the company has been TRACE-certified since 2015 with yearly renewal.

(Tcertification ID: TC5124-4668)


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